Thursday, October 20, 2016

Restarting/ Re-branding

I know it's been quite some time since I blogged, but here I am!
I have been contemplating about starting blogging for multitude of reasons. I just realized today that I need to actually just start writing again instead of constantly thinking about starting. This post will just be a bunch of rambling about some of my inner thought after deciding to be back on job hunt again (also having been married for 6 days now). Please be lenient as the flow may be everywhere and the grammar not so stellar.

I may be going to Wordpress for blogging as well since I have not decided which platform to use. In addition to my blogging effort, I will be reviewing businesses on Yelp as well. Going back to those multitude of reasons for starting the blog again, here are some reasons:
-Need to document my life in a written form.
-Engage in SNS to keep up with today's trends
-Re-brand myself as an expert in social media marketing and analytics
-I'm bored.
-I need to have something to say when recruiters ask me what my passions are and what I have done to show for it.

Keep a lookout for another post later today.
Thank you~