Sunday, August 25, 2013

If any company gets this down, I am buying whatever they are selling

I read an intersting article on social media marketing by Syed Ali. (Link shown above)
My overall thought on the article: this guy knows what he is talking about.
I have spent most of my 22 years of life as a consumer, so I can relate more to the various points Mr. Ali is making on what companies are doing right and wrong in terms of social media.

Having grown up with social media, social media makes sense to me. It's a great way for me to feel involved with the products and brands I am interested. Most importantly, social media marketing makes me feel important. It gives me power. The power to voice my opinions. When companies interact with me, I really feel as though I am making an impact. However, only few companies are able to get this right. The companies that do get it right, I tend to be strongly loyal.

Given my personal experience and background with social media marketing, I agree the most with point number 6 of the article (Committed Interactions).  So many companies just make social media marketing so annoying. When companies significantly lack in any of the components of convenience, attractiveness, relevance, and emotional appeal, it is hard to relate to the brand. When companies interact with me via social media, I should feel as though I am talking to someone face to face. The thought of talking to a brand like Coca Cola as if it is a person is exciting on its own. When they reach out to me or responds to my input, I am engaged.

In conclusion, I do hope that more companies start paying attention to the significance of social media marketing. If more and more companies start to take notice and engage us consumers the right way, it will be better for the businesses and the consumers. Now go and engage me all the companies out there. Make me feel important. I like attention; who doesn't??

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  1. I agree with your point of view. We,the consumers, finally have leverage. Social media is breaking down the whole "sell what you make" philosophy that companies have had. They now must listen to us or go out of business. Our voices, opinions, and dollars are now companies focus rather than just the money. And yes, I also like the attention.