Monday, September 23, 2013

You may not vote, but you do tweet.

Social media platform used for advertising is nothing new. However, the current trend for for various government organizations to reach out to their constituents and citizens via social media platform is all the buzz.

Two social media platforms stand out in this trend are Twitter and Facebook. Twitter gives the constituents and citizens a direct way to speak their minds and communicate with the government organizations. Forget the email and snail mail, direct your tweet to your politician and organization. There is no wait time and, there is maximum visibility. When government organizations reply to people's tweets, people get a sense of significance and connection. The more content and interaction between the followers and  content creator, the better the bond. Take this White House Twitter account for example:

White House Twitter accounts uses their twitter to inform, educate, and appeal. Other political organizations are getting more involved as well.

Another way government organizations are using social media platform is to reach out and gauge certain demographics that are hard to grasp via orthodox means. In United Kingdom, Rushmoor Borough Council is using Facebook to gauge community opinion to help structure and plan their new bills.
As more government organizations become aware of the implications of the social media platforms can have on establishing bonds between their citizens, the better policies will reflect the opinions and concerns of the respected communities. Social media platforms are giving everyone a voice.

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