Monday, October 7, 2013

Government Shutdown Causes Social Media Throwdown

The recent government shutdown has caused an outrage among social media platforms. People are expressing their complaints and call to action through pictures, posts, hashtags, and etc. NBC even reported a story on this topic earlier today which marks the seventh day of the shutdown.

The fact that social media trends are frequenting the news outlet more often shows how significant social media has become in gaging sentiment and spreading news. A particular website has caught the attention of many people weighing in on this issue.

As shown from the picture above, the website displays real time data of how much Congress has earned since the shutdown. 

In response to all this, the damage control from the government and the congressmen involved with the shutdown has been insufficient to put it nicely. The amount hostile activity through various social media platforms are proving to be too much to handle. Although there is some response and engagement from the government through social media, the overall sentiment is against them. 

It will be interesting to see how much longer this social media outrage will continue to go on until the government decides to deal with it properly.

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