Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't Eat It Till You Instagram It

Social media marketing has worked wonders for any food or beverage company.
It has now become common for the Y and the Millennial generation to take pictures of food before eating. You could almost say it's a social media version of saying grace. Food and beverages is one of the most popular topics covered in social media platforms, and smart enough restaurants and cafes take advantage of it in every way possible. Although there are many companies who get this right, Starbucks takes the gold medal in social media marketing advertising. As shown in the picture below, Starbucks ranks first in terms of reach, loyalty, and influence across many social media platforms:

6 Reasons Starbucks Excels at Social Media Marketing image starbucks image1

Starbucks makes sure to utilize different social media platforms accordingly that meets the different platform's dynamics. On facebook, there are always new promotions and gift card of some sort. On twitter, there are refreshing posts and pictures that announces new products and behind the scenes snippets of Starbucks. Such utilization of social media marketing led Starbucks to amazing success by continuously engaging its audience with the content that matters. As a reward, Starbucks gains unwavering loyalty from its consumers worldwide.

The next time you see someone taking pictures of their food or drink, try to appreciate the influence and power of social media marketing.

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